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Lunar Base

About Arnav

I am 10 years old and I study in Slovakia. I love reading about Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I like to solve mathematical problems. I am also interested in knowing more about the Universe and things like what came first, chicken or the egg, DNA or Protein, Electric field or Magnetic field etc.

Arnav's project details:

Lunar Base consists of the following components:
1. Power generator: This is solar powered and provides energy for mining and other activities on the moon
2. Shuttle: For the transportation of people and goods to and from the moon
3. Helium 3: This is being extracted from the core of the moon
4. Hydrogen and Oxygen: Are the propellant for the shuttle
5. Mining drill: This is used to extract Helium 3 from the moon’s core
6. Satellite: This is an orbiter around the moon which will collect all the data and send it to the ground station on Earth.

Name: Arnav Saxena
Age: 10
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