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Archit Singal's Project

About Me: Hello, I am Archit singal studing in 8th grade from army public school,pune.

About project: How much Kilograms of Oxygen will be Needed?

For 1 astronaut living for 1 year (12 months) = 700 kg

For 3 astronauts living for 1 year (12 months) = 700 * 3 kg = 2100 kg

For 3 astronauts living for 6 months = 2100 / 2 = 1050 kg

1,050 kilograms of oxygen will be needed for 3 astronauts living for 6 months on the moon.

Methods for Fulfilling the O2 Requirements

We have two ways of oxygen production in the model

Trees – We have a total of 15 trees in the model.

It is a total of 1500 kg oxygen per year and 750 kg oxygen in 6 months.

Extracting Oxygen from Moon’s Soil – Moon’s soil has 40% oxygen by

mass, so for the remaining (1050 – 750 = 300 kg) oxygen, we will need to dig out around 750 kg of the moon’s soil to complete the requirement.

How does the Method Work?

Moon’s soil contains oxygen bonded with different alloys of metals.

We will be using the process of electrolysis to separate oxygen.

We will heat the soil to a temperature of 950 degree celcius (this temperature will be enough to provide energy to break bonds but not too much to melt the material) in the oxygen extraction chamber to provide some energy for the breaking of bonds.

The energy for the heating process will be provided through the electricity generated by the solar panel Then we will add common salt (NaCl) to it to act as an electrolyte.

Then we will pass electricity through the whole mixture. Oxygen having negative valency, will move towards the anode where it will be collected and moved in a tank to be stored through a pipe.

Then, we will be left with metallic alloys like iron-aluminium, iron-silicon etc.

Reason for Choosing such a Design for the Model

I enjoyed making the model a lot.

This model takes in account the oxygen needs as well as the electricity needs of the astronauts.

Nothing gets wasted in the oxygen production process.

Oxygen is used by astronauts, carbon dioxide produced by astronauts is used by plants, metallic alloys produced as the by-product of oxygen production can be used for other purposes such as use for making different tools etc.

Electricity production method is also very sustainable using solar panels.
Name: Archit Singal
Grade: 10
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