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Anusree's Project

About Me:
I am Anusree Kakkad ,and I am 15 years old.I study in grade 9 in Indian School Fujairah.I am an explorer by nature;love discovering more about the universe and its mysteries,and have a special interest in Physics.

SLS 3D Rocket Model:

The Space Launch System will be the most powerful rocket that's been ever built.It is a two stage rocket which will be taking astronauts to Moon and then to Mars as a part of NASA's Artemis mission. It will be powered by twin five segment solid rocket boosters and four RS-25 liquid propellant engines.However,it is not reusable.
The 70-metric-ton SLS will stand 321 feet tall and provide 8.4 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. It weighs 5.5 million pounds and can carry 154,000 pounds of payload.

Name: Anusree Kakkad
Grade: 9
Be the Next Astronaut like :

  The teacher is very friendly and guides the students. She explains complicated topics in a simple and understandable manner. The experiment enhances the creativity and skills of the students.
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