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Name: Adan Akhtar
Grade: 10
Rocket model:

Rocket is a vehicle that helps us to overcome the gravitational pull and reach outer space. In this activity our students build a static rocket model. This is a simple yet challenging one because the taller the model gets, the tougher the balance. Building up this model allows students to bring their imagination to life and match it with reality. Students have successfully implemented the knowledge gained, by learning about the Rocket Stages in their Rocket Science course, into this activity.

The below video animation is created in a 3D is a satellite hovering above the surface of mars...Adan used actual images of mars from NASA to create its 3D model and the satellite is 3d modelled too.

Lunar Gateway

Lunar gateway serves as a bridge between earth and moon. It works as a laboratory orbiting around the moon to carry out observations and experiments above the poles which is not reachable by the astronauts on the surface on the moon. It has an Ascent/Descent module through which the astronauts can go to the surface and come back. It can also act as an emergency backup in case anything goes wrong on the surface.
This concept was inspired by the NASA ARTEMIS program lunar gateway which is under development

Student Testimonial

  It was a great experience! I learned a lot of new things, cleared my doubts, and enjoyed making fun projects like rocket models. The teacher was very friendly and skilled. I enjoyed learning from her
Adan Akhtar

Teacher Testimonial

  Adan is a highly motivated and mature kid. Taking the Rocket Science course for him was a completely different experience, as I got a chance to utilize my experience and knowledge to clear his doubts. He was always active in the class and did many exciting projects. The activity which he made during the course was technically sound. I see a future rocket scientist in Adan. I wish him all the best!
Ashwini Ramesh
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