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Abhinav Yadav's Project

About Me: hello i Abhinav Yavad studing 7th grade in Fatima Convent Public School, Bhavnagar and my project name is abhinav7SCC

About project: my project name is abhinav7SCC
Feature which rover has- It is energy efficient and hydrogen is main fuel. It also has solar panels in case of emergency
A special tank is made which uses hydrogen and oxygen to make water.
It’s wide tyres help to maintain grip and they easily move on uneven surfaces
Oxygen tank is installed in the rover which will allow astronauts to breathe.

Safety for astronauts The rover is fully backed up containing all things necessary for the survival of astronauts.
It is installed with air conditioners which have both cooling and heating mode.
Pressure controlling feature heats up the air then air is cooled and allowed to enter the chamber.
It contains enough weight so that on moon it will not float and will be able to move easily on moon.
It is well mounted with camera which will allow the astronaut to drive safely.

Purpose of my rover The primary purpose of rover is to transport the astronauts who are not wearing space suits, oxygen suppling, controlling air pressure and temperature and for informational purpose.

Parts of rover The body of rover is made up of aluminum alloy . It has 4 foldable seats made up of aluminum with nylon webbing and aluminum floor panels
Emitter is radio active substance used to send messages to earth by radiation.
Antenna is used to strengthen the network
Rover is installed with LEDs to allow astronauts to see in dark.
Yes I enjoyed making Phoebe lunar rover . It was an amazing experience and it enhanced my skills and developed my interest in science and technology. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.
Name:Abhinav Yadav
Grade: 8
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